The Ultimate 1cP-LSD Guide (Dosing, Risks, Benefits)

On our 1cP-LSD info page you will find all important information for the safe, responsible and structured intake of 1cP-LSD.

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1-Cyclopropionyl-Lysergic acid diethylamide (1cP-LSD) is a prodrug to LSD and a derivative of 1P-LSD. It is only through metabolism in the human body that 1cP-LSD is converted to LSD, more information on this in the chapter on pharmacology.

After the most popular prodrug of LSD to date, 1P-LSD, was banned in many countries in July 2019, 1cP-LSD was launched on the market in response. This again shows that drug use cannot be counteracted by prohibition.

As 1cP-LSD is still very new, there is no certainty of consumption of the substance, as with many „research chemicals“. At present we assume that 1cP-LSD has a similar effect to 1P-LSD and LSD and would assume that it is no more dangerous.

You can buy 1cP-LSD legally in most countries, e.g. through a trusted online shop. For more information, see chapter Buying 1cP-LSD.

What does a 1cP-LSD trip feel like?

The change of consciousness of 1cP-LSD is hard to understand if you have not experienced it yourself. How would you explain an orgasm to someone who has never had one?

The effect can best be described as that of LSD, which you can read about here.

However, 1cP-LSD is reported to have a faster onset, and the drug is felt earlier and lasts longer. Some say it is more potent than LSD, but others say it is weaker. In the end, we don’t know how potent it is converted into LSD. However, in our estimation, 1cP-LSD should have a similar potency to LSD.

Effects and effects of 1cP-LSD

1cP-LSD amplifies what is already inside or outside of you. Therefore 1cP-LSD trips are often very different from experience to experience and are not predictable.

You should not have expectations of a trip, because they can never be fulfilled. The effects of 1cP-LSD depend very much on the set (your state of mind) and setting (your environment), but also on the dose.

Effect duration

The duration of a 1cP-LSD trip varies depending on the dosage.

Duration with 100 µg
Total 8 – 12 hours
Onset 15 – 35 minutes
Come Up 35 – 70 minutes
Peak 2,5 – 4 hours
Offset 3 – 6 hours
After effects 12 – 36 hours

Effects and risks

The similarities in the chemical structure between 1cP-LSD and LSD predict a similar effect profile.

1cplsd vs lsd 1cp-lsd molekular strukturformel molekül molekülstruktur

General effects:

  • Dilated Pupils
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Optical and acoustic pseudo-hallucinations
  • Colours and tones are perceived more intensively
  • Mixing of sensory impressions (synaesthesia)
  • Loss of self-feeling

Negative effects and risks:

  • Emotional turbulence
  • Inner turmoil
  • Uncomfortable stomach feeling
  • Unrest
  • Increased sweating
  • Confrontation with negative thoughts
  • Triggering a latent psychosis

In order to avoid negative effects and risks of 1cP-LSD, we recommend that you carefully study the substance. Unconscious consumption of drugs usually leads to a lack of awareness of the risks and to the development of irrational consumption behaviour.

1cP-LSD is not addictive, but can still lead to negative experiences. With 1cP-LSD the choice of dose and precautions such as the set and setting are therefore particularly important. In the following chapter we would like to fully inform you about the choice of the right dose, preparation options and the safer use of 1cP-LSD.

Dosing & Preparation

LSD (and 1cP-LSD) has the special property that it already develops its effect in the microgram range; the first effects can occur from as little as 10 micrograms. As a reminder: one microgram is a thousandth of a milligram, which is a thousandth of a gram.

The right dose

If you have decided to take 1cP-LSD, you should choose a dose that is as safe as possible for you.

Without any experience with the classic psychedelics (LSD, Psilocybin, Mescaline and DMT) we recommend a moderate dose between 75 and 100 micrograms.

If you already have some experience with the classic psychedelics, you can start with 100 – 125 micrograms. The intensity of 1cP-LSD can overstrain even experienced psychonauts, so you should not over-support anything here.

Trip Preparation (Set & Setting)

As mentioned above, the effects of 1cP-LSD, besides the dose, depend very much on the set and setting. This is because psychedelic substances are known to enhance what is already inside or outside of us.

Set = What mindset and what expectations do you have of the experience ahead?
Setting = In which environment will the experience take place?

Questions to test your set:

  • Is there something inside you that you repress? On 1cP-LSD you will inevitably be confronted with it.
  • How do you feel lately? Are you feeling well mentally and physically?
  • Are you afraid of what 1cP-LSD will show you? Or is it rather respect?

Questions to check your setting:

  • Can you be yourself at the place of the trip? Could you dance around like an idiot?
  • Are you among people who know you and to whom you would share your greatest fears?
  • Is there a retreat where you can be alone?

If set & setting is assured, another part of the preparation will be to weigh up your motivation to consume LSD. Ask yourself what you want to achieve with the 1cP-LSD trip.

1cP-LSD is not a „Fire & Forget“ drug (like alcohol, amphetamines or MDMA) that you can throw in to make you feel better!

No, it has the power to show you your life as it really is. And when you see who you are, you can also ask yourself what you would like to change about it. With the right motivation, 1cP-LSD can become a powerful psychological tool that allows you to see and change your mind in ways that were previously hidden from you.

In the chapter „Personal Growth“ we have an offer to put the depth of your 1cP-LSD trip to the next level.

1cP-LSD Safer Use Rules

  1. Only take 1cP-LSD well prepared. Make sure that set, setting and dose are correct.
  2. 1cP-LSD is best taken in the morning. Daylight will affect your trip in a pleasant way.
  3. Have a sober „trip sitter“ accompany your trip. Preferably someone with 1cP-LSD and/or LSD experience.
  4. The full effect of 1cP-LSD will only unfold about 2 hours after taking it. Therefore, do not throw it immediately if you feel that it is not enough.
  5. Do not take 1cP-LSD on a full stomach.
  6. Drop down, do not try to fight the effect. Negative experiences come from the fact that the consumer cannot let go and wants to keep control.
  7. Take the day off after ingestion so that you can reflect on the experience.

1cP-LSD Drug Combinations

In general, we do not recommend mixing 1cP-LSD with other substances. It creates such a strong psychedelic trip that all your senses and capacities are taken over. With additional substances you will have to give up capacities and reduce the deep experience of a 1cP-LSD trip.

If you still want to mix 1cP-LSD with another psychoactive substance, we have listed our experiences with LSD mixed use here.

LSD (1cP-LSD) with Cannabis (Weed)

Cannabis strongly enhances the effect of LSD and can quickly turn a weak LSD trip into a medium strong one. We know that especially regular users (daily to several times a week) tend to mix cannabis with LSD. This usually gives them a familiar feeling as it gives the LSD trip a cannabis „flavour“. In our opinion, however, this diminishes the real LSD experience, so we advise against it, even if the trip becomes psychologically challenging. Especially if you rarely use cannabis, we strongly advise against cannabis with LSD, as cannabis can lead to paranoid thoughts.

LSD (1cP-LSD) with MDMA (Ecstasy)

The mixture of LSD and the empathogen MDMA is called Candyflip and is one of the most popular forms of mixed consumption of LSD. The effect can be described as an LSD experience, which gets a loving touch through the effect of MDMA. However, mixing these two strong psychoactive substances should only be undertaken by experienced LSD users. Especially on LSD you will perceive new stimuli extremely intensively, which is why users are often overwhelmed by the strong effect of MDMA. Many reports of negative experiences with this mixture are due to the inexperience of users with at least one of the two substances.

If you have sufficient experience with both substances, we recommend the 100-4-100 Candyflip. To do this you first take 100 µg of LSD. After taking it, set the timer to 4 hours. After these 4 hours you take 100 mg MDMA. In this way you are gently transferred from the peak of the LSD to the MDMA and can devote your attention to both substances without being overwhelmed by both.

LSD (1cP-LSD) with 2C-B

The effect of 2C-B is perceived by many users as a „light version“ of LSD. It is often used to intensify or prolong an LSD trip. The euphoric effect of 2C-B can give the LSD trip a certain kick and boost it again. If you want to combine 2C-B with LSD, we recommend taking 2C-B after the peak of the LSD trip (about 5 hours after taking the LSD).

LSD (1cP-LSD) with Psilocybin (mushrooms, truffles)

Psilocybin-containing mushrooms are often used to intensify or prolong an LSD trip. Since the effects of both substances are described as quite similar, there are no special effects that occur from this combination.

LSD (1cP-LSD) with Ketamine

Ketamine is used in medicine for anesthesia and on the black market as a narcotic. Ketamine numbs the senses on the one hand, but on the other hand it also has psychedelic effects such as pseudo-hallucinations and a feeling of merging with the environment. The combination with LSD should be used with caution, as ketamine can weaken or even numb the psychedelic effects of LSD. However, this does not lead to a weaker LSD trip, but to a change in perception, which can trigger an unpleasant feeling in the user.

If you want to mix ketamine with LSD, we recommend starting with a very small dose of ketamine. 15 mg of ketamine (8 mg S-ketamine) is usually enough to ensure that the ketamine is sufficiently perceived during an LSD intoxication, as LSD will enhance the ketamine.

LSD (1cP-LSD) with Amphetamine (Speed)

We strongly advise against mixed use of amphetamine and LSD! While LSD enhances perception, amphetamine powerfully boosts it. Amphetamine effects such as increased heart rate, increased attention and reduced need for sleep feel much stronger on LSD. This often leads to feelings of restlessness, nervousness and stress.

The effect of LSD is more than sufficient to increase your own alertness. You can be sure that you will not fall asleep on LSD.


In Germany, for example, the New Psychoactive Substances Act (NpSG) is intended for so-called „Research Chemicals“ (RC), which are usually sold openly on the Internet, as they are so new that there are no laws yet prohibiting them. On 18.07.2019 the law was extended to include the substance 1P-LSD, a substance that has been traded as a prodrug to LSD for several years.

Almost on the same day, the substance 1cP-LSD suddenly appeared everywhere on the Internet, so to speak as a direct „substitute“ for 1P-LSD. We assume that this substance was withheld from the market to directly replace 1P-LSD when it was banned.


Is 1cP-LSD converted to LSD?

Here is an extract from Ethnobotanik FAQ, he works in a research group on Research Chemicals:

„On metabolism and the question of the prodrug: The right thing is, as you say, you only really know when the corresponding studies have been done. In fact, my research group is doing just that. But if you look at substances and their metabolism (degradation pathways/transformation in the body) of other substances with cyclopropyl group, e.g. naltrexone or buprenorphine, you can see that after some time the group will also split off. However, in both cases there is no carbonyl present. So: from my point of view LSD will be formed sometime, but I suspect that 1cp-LSD is not a pure prodrug, but is also able to activate the receptors. Corresponding research will break this down in the future.“

UPDATE 03/24/20

On 16 March 2020, a scientific study was published that examined 1cP-LSD for conversion to LSD. It was conducted by a research group in California (led by Professor Halberstadt), which had already investigated many other LSD analogues. The scientists dissolved 1cP-LSD in human blood serum and observed that it easily converted to LSD. They also tested the reaction of mice to 1cP-LSD. The mice showed the same „head twitching“ (a twitching of the head back and forth) that can be observed with LSD in mice – at the same dosage. The researchers concluded that 1cP-LSD is probably an LSD prodrug, but further clinical trials would be necessary to investigate the profile and potency of 1cP-LSD.

How does 1cP-LSD work in the brain?

Since 1cP-LSD is converted to LSD in the body, it is docked to the serotonin receptors 5HT2A in the brain. These receptors are mainly found in the prefrontal cortex of our brain, which is involved in our cognitive planning, personality, decision making and social behavior. This part of the brain is also called the „Default Mode Network“ (DMN), because it is switched on when we are not focusing on anything in particular – the standard operating mode of our brain.

The serotonin receptors are slowed down by 1cP-LSD, which significantly limits their ability to communicate. This leads to the well-known personality resolution of 1cP-LSD – the DMN becomes more and more irrelevant and moves into the background. The other brain areas seem to benefit from this fact, as they now have more resources and potential to communicate with each other.

difference microdosing lsd psylocobin brain activity

These sometimes chaotic connections lead to effects such as synaesthesia (mixing of the senses: tasting colours, seeing music) and new ways of seeing the patient’s previous attitudes and problems. The entropy of the brain is intensified in such a way that the probability of a change in personality is sustainably increased, as was proven in this study from 2016.


The toxicity and long-term health effects of 1cP-LSD have not yet been studied. The reason is that 1cP-LSD is a research chemical with almost no history of human use – it was only launched in July 2019.

However, as with LSD and psychedelics in general, it is likely that 1cP-LSD can act as a trigger for psychosis in people with mental disorders. Persons with a history of mental illness are generally advised not to take this substance, especially if outside a supervised medical environment.

Risks and dangers

As mentioned above, there is no proven death of a person due to the use of LSD. Furthermore, there are no known long-term side effects of LSD.

However, we cannot say at this stage whether this applies to the prodrug 1cP-LSD, as it is still too unexplored. So far, all indications point to the fact that 1cP-LSD is not more dangerous than LSD or 1P-LSD, but we cannot give a final statement.

1cP-LSD for personal and spiritual development

If you have any questions on this topic or are interested in taking advantage of our professional help, please apply here for a free and individual consultation.

Legal status

Is 1cP-LSD legal? 1cP-LSD is a relatively new active ingredient and only recently (as of May 2020) on the market. Like other „research chemicals“ it is not yet subject to most drug laws. Sooner or later, however, it is likely to be included. Austria and the United Kingdom are the only countries we are aware of that have laws around the prohibition of 1cP-LSD.

Our shop recommendation for 1cP-LSD can be found in the chapter Buying 1cP-LSD.

In general, it must be said that the topic is quite controversial. There is practically no 100% agreement about the legal status of 1cP-LSD and there is always a residual risk.

Here is an excerpt from Ethnobotanik FAQ, he works in a research group on Research Chemicals:

„Everything I say does not replace the professional opinion of a lawyer and I am not liable for my statements! […] We little people are treated according to p-law. In other words: everything that is not forbidden is legal. The NpSG also explicitly mentions all substitutions, i.e. possible changes to the molecule. Since other substance groups also explicitly mention cyclic substitutions, this is actually missing in the case of lysergamides („LSD derivatives“). But Richter are no chemists. Alkyl and cycloalkyl are close together. So it is correct, 1cp-LSD is legal. In the end it is still a matter of interpretation by the judge. A change in the law will probably come in the future. Nevertheless, my first mirror point above still applies: For consumers, the worst-case scenario is that they’ll only take it from you.“

Buying 1cP-LSD

At the current state 1cP-LSD can be purchased legally in Germany and can therefore be purchased freely on the Internet. However, there are many internet providers who take advantage of the unsafe purchase of such substances and have fraudulent intentions.

1cP-LSD is traded as 100 micrograms blotters. We recommend the online shop There you can buy 1cP-LSD with an IBAN bank transfer and do not have to pay with Bitcoins or similar. With the voucher code SAS5 you get 5% discount on your orders!